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FJM values employee’s cultivation and enrichment. A number of welfare systems were standardized to ensure all employees are being well taken care of. “Employee welfare committee” was also established to handle employee benefits matters, including: annual trip, Birthday bonus, marriage/ funeral allowances, and provision of facilities, such as recreational facilities, parking spaces, etc., with the aim of a healthier work place for our employees.

Bonus / Gift categories: Holiday bonuses, year-end bonuses

Insurance Categories: Work insurance, health care, post-disaster insurance

Leisure Categories: Domestic and international vacation trip, department dinners

System Categories: Employee uniforms, meals, complete education and training, work promotion

Equipment: Employee restaurant

Absent system: Optional bonus leave / Annual leave, maternity/Paternity leave, check-leave, family care leave, female physiological leave

Other: Employee parking, labor law set aside 6% Pension Fund

grant categories: Weddingbonus, maternity benefits, hospitalization condolence grant, transportation subsidies for gas

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